About Us

Haramain Renter!

Haramain Renter! is a Saudi Arabian rental car, cargo services, hotel booking, and flight booking solution provider for the last 10 years. We are experts in finding the best deals for our customers so that they can make informed choices about where to go and what to do. We provide a wide range of rental car, cargo services, hotel booking, and flight booking solutions so that you can explore Saudi Arabia like never. With Haramain Renter!, you’ll have everything you need to book your trip quickly and easily.


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Our Mission

Haramain Renter! is committed to providing the best booking and renting solutions in Saudi Arabia. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality services and products, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service. Our goal is to help people discover and experience the best of Saudi Arabia while making their travel arrangements easy and affordable.


Our Vission

Haramain Renter will be the go-to provider for travelers and shippers looking for reliable and affordable car rental, shipping, and travel services in Saudi Arabia. We will provide top-quality service at competitive prices, creating a trusted and respected brand in the Saudi Arabia market.


Our Expertize

We have expertise in 4 different solutions, and we are going to share with you, how we experts in all our solutions. 


Rent a Car 90%
Hotel Booking 94%
Flight Booking 90%
Cargo Services 86%

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Note: We Don't offer Cars/Taxi Without Drivers.

ملاحظة: لا نقدم السيارات/سيارة أجرة بدون سائقين.

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